FREAKY nimmt sich gerade Zeit für Veränderung und das Überdenken der Ausrichtung und startet ab 10. Oktober wieder in den efs.

FREAKY is an experimental format for movement research, physical training, laboratory for ideas and skill sharing.
The wish and vision is to learn from each other, to grow together by supporting with the resources we have, to create an interdisciplinary community.
FREAKY is facilitated by an open pool of professional performers, artists of various disciplines, dancers, movers... and is open for everybody. Common key terms are: experimenting, researching, sharing, resources, skills, interdisciplinary
FREAKY takes places in the ehrenfeldstudios Köln on Wednesdays (with exceptions) starting at 19:00, lasting between 90 and 120minutes. There is three categories to know what to expect:
A research or lab around an open question proposed by the facilitator, who offers an specific approach but is not having all the answers yet and wanting to research around it with others - trying it out with other bodies.
A facilitated sweaty training or skill sharing in the form of a training or a mini-workshop
It's still to find out what this format can be or become, to be tried out! It can be a specific topic or question proposed by the facilitator to discuss about with other performers, artists, movers...
Ehrenfeldstudios, Wißmannstrasse 38, 50823 Köln
Normally on Wednesdays (and announced exceptions)
Start at 19:00
90 - 120 minutes
5-10 Euro (The money is 50/50 for the facilitator and for the rent of the studio.)
Charlotte Brohmeyer, Bryce Kasson, Maayan Reiter, Susanne Schneider, Tim Behren, Ayberk Esen, Salim Ben Mammar, Nella Turkki, Karoline Strys, Stefanie Schwimmbeck, Philine Herrlein, Silvia Ehnis, Greta Salgado, Roxana Küwen, Bianca Mendonca, Sara Blasco

Tim Behren,
Susanne Schneider,
or anyone out of the pool.

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